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Image   Running Home (Heart's Haven, Book One) by Katie O'Connor
SKU   823-978-1-60735-951-7
Title   Running Home (Heart's Haven, Book One) by Katie O'Connor

Heart's Haven, Book One


Can love empower and free a scared, abused woman?


Natalie Walker’s life is in tatters. An abused wife and devoted mother, she runs from her rich husband, intending to start a new life in hiding. When her car breaks down outside of a small town, she must accept the help of the local garage owner. Unable to access her money, she works for Clint Dawson to pay off her debt for car repairs and to feed her son. Despite her best efforts, she finds herself succumbing to Clint’s kindness.


Already falling for her, Clint is more than willing to help provide protection for Natalie and her son, especially after her abusive husband turns up dead. There is no doubt that in his mind that Natalie did not kill her husband and is not hiding anything. However, Clint has a past and a secret of his own.


Will the revelation of Clint’s deceit destroy the fragile trust he has built with Natalie? Or will their love be strong enough to survive?



PRICE: $6.99
RELEASE DATE: 06/15/16
ISBN: 978-1-60735-951-7
CATEGORY: Contemptorary Romance

HEAT LEVEL:  Emerald

LENGTH: 64,218
Zip file includes: Adobe PDF, HTML, Microsoft Reader and Palm formats. BONUS: Sony(LRF), EPUB, PRC and MOBI formats included in zip file!
Regular Price   $6.99
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