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Image   Training Randi by Tessie Bradford
SKU   573-978-1-60735-653-0
Title   Training Randi by Tessie Bradford

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Miranda Ellson graduated from college with a degree in design in one hand and a ticket out of town in the other. Ten years, a couple of job changes and three boring, unfulfilling relationships later, she’s back at Rexington University to reconnect with old friends, enjoy the campus activities and take a break from…oh who the hell is she kidding?
Jeff Briggs, former college neighbor and best bud, now successful gym owner, lives in town. He’s the only guy she has ever known who could set her panties on fire by simply walking into a room and Randi is sick and tired of only hooking up with him in her dreams. This may be her only chance to discover exactly what kind of personal training he has to offer.
**Publisher's Note** This is an extensively revised and expanded version of a short story featured in the 2008 Resplendence Publishing anthology, Carnal Reunions.







PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE DATE: 05/01/13
ISBN: 978-1-60735-653-0
CATEGORY:  BDSM Erotic Romance
ELEMENTS:  Strong Sexual Content, Adult Situations, BDSM including Bondage, Oral Sex, Anal Play/Intercourse and Use of Sex Toys.
FORMAT: E-BOOK. Zip file includes: PDF, HTML, ePub, PRC and MOBI formats
Regular Price   $2.99
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