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Image   Double Down Desperate by Jannifer Hoffman
SKU   490-200-108-431-8
Title   Double Down Desperate by Jannifer Hoffman

Now Available!


The most important things in Patsy Bartlett’s life are what color nail polish to use and whether to fly to Rome or Paris for the weekend—until her father, calling her spoiled, lazy, and greedy, cuts the purse strings and gives her a sink-or swim-ultimatum. She must survive on twenty-five thousand dollars for one year or be cut from his will. A list of restrictions ban her from borrowing, acquiring money she hasn’t earned, or carrying a debt of any kind at the end of the year. Taking her time to acknowledge he is truly serious gets her into trouble.
North Dakota farmer Luke McAlister is accused of killing his wife and two little girls. His case against him is dismissed on a questionable technicality. Consequently, returning to the small town where he grew up suddenly becomes a nightmare. The community is divided between those who believe he got away with murder and those who think he’s innocent. The only way he can find peace is to unravel the mystery of what happened on a night he can’t remember—and hope the truth doesn’t turn out to be his biggest nightmare.
The last thing he expects is help in the form of a carrot-top floozy driving a red Maserati.









PRICE: $5.99

RELEASE DATE: 08/15/12

ISBN: 978-1-60735-547-2

CATEGORY: Contemporary Romantic Suspense.

ELEMENTS: Adult Situations, Moderate Sexual Content, Explicit Descriptions of Intimacy and Mild Violence, Reference to Rape/Abuse/Violence Separate from the H/H Relationship.

HEAT LEVEL:  Sapphire



Zip file includes: Adobe PDF, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Palm, Rocketbook, Fictionbook, and Blackberry file formats. BONUS: Sony(LRF), EPUB(OCF), and MOBI formats included in zip file!



Regular Price   $5.99
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