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  • I purchased a book but did not receive the download link. What should I do?

    First, check your SPAM box. Many times our e-mails are flagged by SPAM filters. To avoid this, please add to your address book.


    If you don't see the e-mail from Resplendence in your SPAM box, you can log in to your account using the login box on our home page. Once you are logged in, select 'my orders' and you will be taken to your virtual bookshelf, where every RP title you have ordered should be displayed. Click on the 'details' button next to the appropriate order, then select 'view invoice'. When your invoice opens, you will see the download links that will allow you to download your purchase.


    If you have any further difficulty, or don't see your recent purchase on your virtual bookshelf, please contact customer service at: . While we try to address all customer service emails in a timely fashion, please allow additional time for a response to any queries submitted on weekends or holidays.

  • When can I expect to see new releases on your website? What about third-party vendors like Amazon?

    New e-Books are released every Wednesday. You can expect to see each week's new releases on our homepage by 12 PM (Noon) EST, and at third-party sites within two weeks of release.

  • My computer crashed and I lost all of my books. What should I do?

    UPDATED 8/12: All titles purchased at can be replaced, however, we will no longer send replacement zip files as they are large and difficult to send via email. If it is important for you to have the original zip file, we highly recommend that you backup all of your purchases on a portable hard drive or storage device. We are also working to update and reinstate our bookshelf feature, which will allow you to login and download all previously purchased RP titles from your user account.

  • After submitting my payment, I received a confirmation email with a list of titles I purchased, followed by a series of links. How do I download and read my books?

    Once you have purchased a book from Resplendence, you will receive a confirmation email that includes download links for a zip file, HTML file, PDF file or MS Reader (lit) file. The zip file contents vary, depending on when the title was released. A list of zip file contents is included on each title's individual product page. We are in the process of updating our entire backlist catalog to include the following formats in each zip file: PDF, HTML, MS Reader (lit), Mobi/Kindle (PRC), Sony (LRF), Palm (PDB), Mobibook (MOBI) and ePub.


    The format you choose to download should be determined by which e-reader you plan to use. Here is a general compatibility list:


    PC Laptop or Desktop: We recommend using either the PDF or MS Reader format. Each company provides free reader software for your PC. You can find the free downloads on the Adobe or MS Reader websites.


    Sony Reader: You can use either the ePub or LRF formats. Connect your Sony Reader to your computer and follow the device instructions. You can also visit the Sony Reader store at for free software downloads and customer service.


    iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: You should download the zip file, then drag and drop the ePub file into your iTunes. Sync your device and your book should appear in your iBook app. If you are using the Stanza reader, please visit for complete instructions.


    KindleThere are two ways to transfer a title purchased at Resplendence Publishing to your Kindle device. First, you can download the zip file to obtain the ePub version of your title. Then plug your Kindle reading device into your desktop or laptop using the USB port. Then drag and drop the ePub file into your Kindle reader file. You can generally find this file under My Computer, the same way you would find a zip drive. You can also send your ePub file to your Kindle email address assigned by Amazon when you purchased your device. For $0.10, Amazon will convert the file and send it directly to your reader. For additional instructions or Kindle customer service, please visit, click on My Account, and follow the links to the Kindle Personal Documents page.


    Nook: The ePub format is generallly compatible with the Barnes and Noble Nook reader. For complete instructions and free downloads, please visit


    For any formats not listed above, you may also choose to download a free ebook conversion program from This program is very simple to use and will convert to most formats using the ePub or PRC files.





  • Do you charge a reading fee?

    No. You should never have to pay a publishing company to read your work. If you choose to pay a professional editor or book doctor to edit your work, we encourage you to thoroughly research any individual or company of interest. Ask for references and do your homework before you pay anyone to read or edit your novel, and try to find a good critique group where you can get honest feedback on your work without having to pay a fee.

  • Do you provide editorial feedback to authors?

    Yes. We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to editing. Of course, you should only submit your best work for consideration. Manuscripts should be thoroughly polished and free of spelling, typographical, and grammatical errors. We strongly encourage authors to join a critique group for a thorough evaluation of their manuscript before submitting it to Resplendence.

  • Are your titles available in print?

    Yes. Our goal is to publish all books, category length and higher, in both print and electronic formats. Each Trade Paperback book will be listed with as well as on our website and various independent and national booksellers. All short stories and novellas will be considered for print anthologies.

  • Do you accept submissions from unpublished authors?

    Yes. We are searching for the best and brightest authors, which is not determined by whether an author has been published or not. There are many talented authors out there who have not yet achieved their goal of publication.

  • Do I need an agent to submit?

    No. We accept both agented and unagented submissions.

  • What kind of cover art can I expect if I sell my story to Resplendence? 

    Our goal is to provide our authors with high-quality cover art that reflects both our company image and the essence of the stories within. This is an area of great importance to us, and we will not cut corners when it comes to the face of our books.  Our cover artists, Trace Edward Zaber and Rika Singh, have done a fantastic job of bringing our author's visions to life.  Cover art samples can be viewed in the RP store.

  • Other companies have promised to help market my books but they don’t follow through. How will you be different in this regard? 

    We believe in maintaining a symbiotic relationship with our authors, and we feel that marketing is a mutually beneficial undertaking. The more time, energy and money we spend marketing our author’s books, the more readers we will attract to Resplendence books as a whole. As our authors gain attention, recognition, a wider readership, and most of all, higher sales, we benefit as much as they do. Our marketing strategy includes but is not limited to: print ads in both writing publications and convention literature, participation in writing conventions and sponsorship of events, distribution of review copies to targeted reviewers and publications, Internet advertising, advertising in our monthly e-zine, and distribution of promotional materials. We will actively plan a marketing strategy with each and every Resplendence author, working in cooperation to ensure maximum exposure for their book.

  • Do you offer an advance?

    No, we do not offer advances at this time.

  • Where can readers purchase Resplendence titles?

    Resplendence titles in electronic format will be available for order through our website and will be listed with various e-retailers such as Fictionwise, All Romance E-books and Mobipocket.  Print titles will be available at, on our website, at conferences and author appearances, and for order with most major book retailers (Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.)

  • Do you pay royalties on gross or net sales?

    Our author royalties are based on gross sales, meaning royalty percentages are paid based on the cover price, rather than the cover price minus expenses (net).

  • What is your average query response time?

    Response time varies and depends on the volume of queries we have awaiting our consideration.  On average, an author can expect to receive a response to their query within twelve (12) weeks.  If you have submitted a manuscript to Resplendence and have not received a response within this time frame, please send a follow-up letter which includes your manuscript title and date of original submission. 

  • What percentage of submission are accepted for publication, and what can I do to increase my chances of receiving a contract offer?

    We currently accept less than 1% of unsolicited submissions for publication. In order to maintain our small, 'boutique' feel, we think it is important to limit the number of authors we have in the house at any given time. Because of this, we take great care when assessing a prospective author and their work.


    One thing an author can do to increase their chances of acceptance is to learn everything they can about the art of the query letter. A query should be concise, well-written, error free, and most of all, it should make us want to read your book. 


    Also, prospective authors should read our submission guidelines and learn everything they can about RP before submitting work for consideration. We feel that no author who is serious about a career in writing would submit to a company they know nothing about. Every house is different and one size definitely does NOT fit all. Show us that you have done your research on our company before sending your submission, and tell us why you would be a good addition to RP.

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