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Once you have purchased a book from Resplendence, you will receive a confirmation email that includes download links for a zip file, HTML file, PDF file or MS Reader (lit) file. The zip file contents vary, depending on when the title was released. A list of zip file contents is included on each title's individual product page. We are in the process of updating our entire backlist catalog to include the following formats in each zip file: PDF, HTML, MS Reader (lit), Mobi/Kindle (PRC), Sony (LRF), Palm (PDB), Mobibook (MOBI) and ePub.


The format you choose to download should be determined by which e-reader you plan to use. Here is a general compatibility list:


PC Laptop or Desktop: We recommend using either the PDF or MS Reader format. Each company provides free reader software for your PC. You can find the free downloads on the Adobe or MS Reader websites.


Sony Reader: You can use either the ePub or LRF formats. Connect your Sony Reader to your computer and follow the device instructions. You can also visit the Sony Reader store at for free software downloads and customer service.


iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch: You should download the zip file, then drag and drop the ePub file into your iTunes. Sync your device and your book should appear in your iBook app. If you are using the Stanza reader, please visit for complete instructions.


Kindle: There are two ways to transfer a title purchased at Resplendence Publishing to your Kindle device. First, you can download the zip file to obtain the ePub version of your title. Then plug your Kindle reading device into your desktop or laptop using the USB port. Then drag and drop the ePub file into your Kindle reader file. You can generally find this file under My Computer, the same way you would find a zip drive. You can also send your ePub file to your Kindle email address assigned by Amazon when you purchased your device. For $0.10, Amazon will convert the file and send it directly to your reader. For additional instructions or Kindle customer service, please visit, click on My Account, and follow the links to the Kindle Personal Documents page.


Nook: The ePub format is generallly compatible with the Barnes and Noble Nook reader. For complete instructions and free downloads, please visit


For any formats not listed above, you may also choose to download a free ebook conversion program from This program is very simple to use and will convert to most formats using the ePub or PRC files.


If you requre further assistance, please contact us at:

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