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A Woman Like You by Patricia Pellicane  The Lure of Lady Sarah by Patricia Pelllicane  In the Dark (Silken Threads Series, Book One) by Brynn Paulin  Rescuing Kadlin by Gabrielle Holly



The Country Wife (Scottish Love Songs Series, Book Two) by Temple Hogan  The Reluctant Bride (Scottish Love Songs Series, Book One) by Temple Hogan  Delivering Kadlin by Gabrielle Holly  Devil's Curse by Temple Hogan  Devil's Own by Temple Hogan



Coyote Blood by Kris Norris  A Pirate's Kiss by Temple Hogan  The Pirate Prince by Temple Hogan  The Black Pirate by Temple Hogan



Prey Tell by Katie Blu  Coyote Law by Kris Norris  Through Traitor's Gate by Melinda Barron  Feral Lust by Mia Watts 



Enchanted Island by Temple Hogan  Bound in Brass by Abigail Barnette  Taming the Princess by Temple Hogan



Guardian's Challenge by Bronwyn Green  Tutoring Miss Molly by Lyn Armstrong  Overlord's Chosen by Bronwyn Green  Lady of the Isle by Temple Hogan



The Pirate Bride by Temple Hogan  Infernal Devices by Abigail Barnette  Her Pirate Lover by Temple Hogan



Heat Lightning by Patricia Pellicane  The Virgin Pirate by Temple Hogan  Heat Wave by Patricia Pellicane  



Wanton Venture by Elaine Lowe  Heart of Ice by Brynn Paulin      








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