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The Helpful Swan by Amber Kell  The Swimming Swan by Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht  Ash Swan by Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht



Does Your Mother Know? by Bronwyn Green  Lullaby for a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle  Giant by Abigail Barnette  Three Ways to Wicked by Melinda Barron  Glass Slipper by Abigail Barnette



Faery Surprising by Mia Watts  Wolf in Mens Clothing by Dakota Rebel  Just Right by Dakota Rebel  Open Sesame by Mia Watts  Heart of Ice by Brynn Paulin



Mind F*cked by Mia Watts  Oriana and the Three Werebears by Tia Fanning



A Dusting of Syn by Melinda Barron  Wish Me Up, Rub Me Down  Aliya Baban and The Cave of Pleasure  To Rub, Honor and Obey by Melinda Barron  Smoke, Fire and Desire by Melinda Barron






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