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Forever Mine by Carolann Camillo  Darkest Night by Kris Norris  Witches of Three: Charlene (Witches of Three Series, Book Two) by Temple Hogan

Just the Messenger by Ninette Swann  Just Like a Hero by Patricia Pellicane  The Marshal's Woman by Patricia Pellicane  Vengeful Shadows by Bronwyn Green 



Double Down Desperate by Jannifer Hoffman  Hit and Stay by Ninette Swann  Claimed by Cammie Eicher  Bittersweet Memories by Jannifer Hoffman



Edge of Daybreak by Jannifer Hoffman  Lies and Consequences by Tatiana March  Lie To Me by JL Wilson  Hard Target by Kris Norris  Dead Man Stalking by Cammie Eicher



Blood of His Fathers by Michelle Chambers  Shadow of Doubt by JL Wilson  Random Fire by Jannifer Hoffman  Blood Crystal by Jannifer Hoffman  Checkmate by Kris Norris














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