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Tessie Bradford is a wife, mother, and grandmother who works full-time outside the home, and tries very hard to keep her hours of drudgery inside the home to the barest minimum. When she’s not creating steamy stories for the characters living in her head, she may be reading a book, yelling at the TV during a football game, comforting a scared animal from the local shelter, or dancing in the aisles at a heavy metal concert!


She loves to talk to her readers and can be found at


Leena's Men (Fated Mates of Mesta Series, Book Two) by Tessie Bradford  Pleasuring Anne by Tessie Bradford 



Training Randi by Tessie Bradford  Discovering Alicia by Tessie Bradford  Hana's Handyman by Tessie Bradford  Naked Running Cowboy by Tessie Bradford  Getting Down to Business by Tessie Bradford



Emily's Destiny by Tessie Bradford  Sensations by Tessie Bradford  Matt's Return by Tessie Bradford  Pampering Jessica by Tessie Bradford  Possessing Eleanor by Tessie Bradford



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