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ManHandled: Ashlynn by Robin Gideon


The Company You Keep (Ghost Seekers Series, Book Six) by Melinda Barron  Bewitched for Pleasure (Pleasures Series, Book Ten) by Lacey Thorn  Saved by Submission by Carol Lynne  Marshal Law (Tombstone Series, Book One) by Kris Norris  Strangers in the Night by Brynn Paulin



Leena's Men (Fated Mates of Mesta Series, Book Two) by Tessie Bradford  Drawing Straws: Joe (Drawing Straws Series, Book Two) by Sean Michael  What Remains: Reckoning (What Remains Series, Book Four) by Kris Norris  Sassy's Studs (Vegas Bound Series, Book One) by Dakota Rebel  Agents of Pleasure (Pleasures Series, Book Nine) by Lacey Thorn




X Marks the Spot (Fingertip Fantasies Series, Book Three) by Melinda Barron  Wolf Run by BA Tortuga  Merging Assets (Lucky Springs Series, Book Nine) by Cheryl Dragon  Faithful in Pleasure (Pleasures Series, Book Eight) by Lacey Thorn  Shadows of Fate (The Fey Series, Book Three) by Jessica Jarman



Just the Messenger by Ninette Swann  What Remains: Mutation (New Reality Series, Book Thirteen) by Kris Norris  Roped by the Team (Daly Way Series, Book Six) by Brynn Paulin  Bases Loaded (Club Desire Series, Book Two) by Megan Slayer  Cured by Pleasure (Pleasures Series, Book Seven) by Lacey Thorn



Aquarius Dawning (Dark Horizon Series, Book Three) by Kris Norris  Arranged for Pleasure (Pleasures Series, Book Six) by Lacey Thorn  Reagan (Baine Family Series, Book Two) by Dakota Rebel  Totally Covered by Sean Michael  Roped for Pleasure (Pleasures, Book Five) by Lacey Thorn



What Remains: Wasteland (New Reality, Book Nine) by Kris Norris  Refuge (New Reality, Book Eight) by Jessica Jarman  Guarded for Pleasure (Pleasures Series, Book Four) by Lacey Thorn  Rescue Party (Lucky Springs, Book Eight) by Cheryl Dragon  What Remains: Untainted (New Reality Series, Book Six) by Kris Norris



  Finders Keepers (New Reality Series, Book Five) by Lacey Thorn  SEALed for Pleasure (Pleasures Series, Book Three) by Lacey Thorn  Customer Satisfaction (Lucky Springs Series, Book Seven) by Cheryl Dragon



Heated for Pleasure (Pleasures Series, Book Two) by Lacey Thorn  Devoted (Timeless Blood Series, Book Three) by Jessica Jarman    Leaving Dreamland (7th Kind Series, Book Five) by Cheryl Dragon 



  Hunting Evil by Carol Lynne  Salesmen on the Rise (Lucky Springs Series, Book Six) by Cheryl Dragon  Brahman by Lacey Thorn



    Believing in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon  Crystal's Three Chosen Mates by Suzanne Graham  One for the Team by Brynn Paulin



Seraphin by Lacey Thorn  Quality Assurance by Cheryl Dragon  Bella's Three Bodyguards by Suzanne Graham  Lost in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon  Trinity by Katie Blu



Anna and the Three Generals by Suzanne Graham  Training Party by Cheryl Dragon  Playing Four Keeps by Kris Norris  Best Buds by Dakota Rebel



Opening the Cage by BA Tortuga  Intruder Mine by Cheryl Dragon  Back in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon  Gun  Stealing the Bride by Brynn Paulin



Highly Sexed by Justine Elyot  Renee's High School Reunion by Cheryl Dragon  Shifting Snows by Brynn Paulin   Lucky Cuffs by Midnyte Dupree



Two for the Shrew by Bronwyn Green  Like This by Emma Hillman  Sensations by Tessie Bradford  Moonlight and Mustangs by Cheryl Dragon  Autumn Sacrifice by Bronwyn Green



Four Aces by Suzanne Graham  Climbing the Ladder by BA Tortuga  Lunatic Fringe by Sommer Marsden  Handcuffs and Lies by Bronwyn Green



Harvest's Pride by Brynn Paulin  Drunk and Disorderly by Emma Hillman  Out of Control by Emma Hillman  Quarantine by Dakota Rebel



Three-Way Games by Cheryl Dragon  The Hunter's Surrender by Kaenar Langford  Snared by Kris Norris



Hitched by Mia Watts and Katie Blu  A Ghost of a Chance by Minnette Meador  No Guilt by Sommer Marsden  Fill Her Up by Brynn Paulin



Summer Surrender by Bronwyn Green  Reawakening by Charlotte Stein  Guardian's Challenge by Bronwyn Green  Horny, Hard and Hare-y by Mia Watts  Three Ways to Wicked by Melinda Barron



Dani Loves Dallas by Tina Holland  Birthday Party Surprise by Cheryl Dragon  Three Signatures for the Lady by Suzanne Graham  Awakening Delilah by Abigail Barnette



Moon Princess by Suzanne Graham  Las Vegas by Demi Alex  Unchaste by Mia Watts   Joining the Party by Cheryl Dragon



Coyote Savage by Kris Norris  Taken By the Pack by Cheryl Dragon  Fly Boys by Cheryl Dragon  Alpheli Solution by Anny Cook



New Orleans by Demi Alex  Plays Well with Others by Brynn Paulin  Ultimate Ultimatum by Dakota Rebel  Key West by Demi Alex  Belonging to Them by Brynn Paulin



Ice Water In Hell by Carol Lynne  FU by Mia Watt  Just Right by Bronwyn Green  Not All Who Wander by Dakota Rebel  Evolution by Carol Lynne



Cuffed and Dangerous by Bronwyn Green  Body Count by Catrina Calloway  Immortally Theirs by Ann Cory



Kissed by the Sun by Catrina Calloway  Breakfast at Tiffany's by Ann Cory  Two Plus One by Brynn Paulin  Their Lady Liberty by Ann Cory  Wish Me Up, Rub Me Down by Melinda Barron



Finding Her Place by Midnyte Dupree  Nuit Aux Trois by Melinda Barron  The Resurrection of Josephine  Eight Erotic Nights by Catrina Calloway






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