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I'll Stand by You (Brookside Athletic Club, Book One) by Carol Lynne  Promises (Erotic Gems Short) by Simone Anderson  Needing Desire (Erotic Gems Short) by Megan Slayer



My Soul to Keep by Anna Mayle  Service (Sealed with a Kink Series, Book Six) by Sean Michael  Tricks and Bids (Suit of Hearts Series, Book One) by Jacqueline Grey  Broken Color by Carol Lynne  Reunion (Erotic Gems Short) by Dakota Rebel



Complicated by Megan Slayer  Taken by Storm (Rising Storm Series, Book One) by Brynn Paulin  Sunset Ridge by Carol Lynne  Drawing Straws: Joe (Drawing Straws Series, Book Two) by Sean Michael  Chosen Wolf (Moonlight Mountain Series, Book One) by Minerva Howe



Wolf Run by BA Tortuga  Hot at Last (All Male Nudes! Series, Book Five) by Cheryl Dragon  Desiring the Leading Man (Club Desire Series, Book Four) by Megan Slayer  Sounds (Sealed with a Kink Series, Book Five) by Sean Michael  Changing Tides (New Reality Signature Line, Book Fourteen) by Simone Anderson



Guardian Angel by Sean Michael  All On the Field (Club Desire Series, Book Three) by Megan Slayer  Hot for Charity (All Male Nudes! Series, Book Four) by Cheryl Dragon  The Dog Next Door by Sean Michael  Bases Loaded (Club Desire Series, Book Two) by Megan Slayer



Drawing Straws: Erik (Handcuffs and Lace Signature Line) by Sean Michael  Tied Desire (Club Desire Series, Book One) by Megan Slayer  Breaking the Ice (Ariel Estates Series, Book Three) by Jessica Lee  Crimson and Glitter by Stephani Hecht  Making a Mark (Track Domination Series, Book Five) by Megan Slayer



Shaving (Sealed with a Kink Series, Book Four) by Sean Michael  New West (New Reality, Book Ten) by BA Tortuga  Totally Covered by Sean Michael  Finding Grip (Track Domination, Book Four) by Megan Slayer  Crimson and Diamonds by Stephani Hecht



Royal Pains (Anaboris Clan, Book Two) by Dakota Rebel  Pony Play (Sealed with a Kink, Book Three) by Sean Michael  The Alpha and the Outcast by Cheryl Dragon  This Sin Called Hope (New Reality, Book Seven) by Anna Mayle  Masochist's Choice (Sun, Sea and Submission, Book Five) by Kim Dare



Crimson on the Dance Floor by Stephani Hecht  In for a Pound (All In Series, Book Two) by Carol Lynne  For His Love by William Cooper  Switching Gears (Track Domination Series, Book Three) by Megan Slayer  Pushy Bottom (Sealed With a Kink Series, Book Two) by Sean Michael



Hot Bouncer (All Male Nudes!) by Cheryl Dragon  Running Hot (Track Domination Series, Book Two) by Megan Slayer  Hot Laps (Track Domination Series, Book One) by Megan Slayer  Hot New Boss (All Male Nudes! Series, Book Two) by Cheryl Dragon  In the Pride's Best Interest (Ariel Estates Series, Book Two) by Jessica Lee



Plugs (Sealed with a Kink Series, Book One) by Sean Michael  Cock and Balls by Mia Watts  Royal Flush by Sean Michael    Vanilla Licks (Sun, Sea and Submission Series, Book Four) by Kim Dare



Dangerous Beauty (Pride of Uttor Series, Book Two) by Tali Spencer  Hot Rivals by Cheryl Dragon  Virgin Studies by Mia Watts  Turning the Tables by Kim Dare  Solar Storm (Bissari Confederation, Book Two) by Simone Anderson 



Ballsy (Handcuffs and Lace) by Mia Watts  In Time of Need by Sean Michael  Bound for the Holidays by Brynn Paulin  Doing the Dean by Mia Watts



Love in La Terraza by Ethan Day  Bond Mates by Simone Anderson  Actually by Mia Watts  Indulging Ivan by Kim Dare  The Pit Boss by Dakota Rebel



Breaking Cover by Sean Michael  Water Dogs by Mia Watts  Double Header by Abigail Barnette  Naked Truth by Kim Dare  By the Balls by Mia Watts



Learning the Ropes by Kim Dare  Line of Fire by Simone Anderson  Home Sweet Home by Kim Dare  The Helpful Swan by Amber Kell  Pickup and Leave by Dakota Rebel



Obedient Slave by Kim Dare  Daybreak for a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle  Brass Balls by Mia Watts  Facing Fritz by Kim Dare  To Hate and to Hold by Dakota Rebel



On Thin Ice by Jessica Lee  Waking Up Naked by Kim Dare  Mommy's Little Shapeshifter by Mia Watts  Mommy's Little Mummy by Mia Watts  The Swimming Swan by Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht



 Squeaky Clean by Kim Dare  Melting Mr. Mowburrey by Kim Dare  Dreams of a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle  Scoring by Mia Watts



Romero and Julian by Brynn Paulin  Vamplet by Dakota Rebel  Midsummer's Dreaming by Simone Anderson  Touching Wood by Kim Dare  Feral Lust by Mia Watts



With a Kiss by Kim Dare  Mitch by Dakota Rebel  On This Day by Kim Dare  All In by Brynn Paulin  The Policeman's Balls by Mia Watts



Frienemies by Dakota Rebel  Happy Trails by Carol Lynne  Ash Swan by Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht  Lullaby for a Stolen Child by Anna Mayle  Balls and Chain by Mia Watts



Not One Word by Kim Dare  Striped by Abigail Barnette  Packing Leather by Kim Dare  Blood of the Fallen by Dakota Rebel  Sealing the Deal by Kim Dare



Handcuffs and Pretty Things by Kim Dare  In the Shadow of a Hero by Anna Mayle  Winner Takes All by Cheryl Dragon  Horny, Hard and Hare-y by Mia Watts  From the Ashes by Cash Cole



Handcuffs and Megabytes by Kim Dare  Handcuffs and Ball Gags by Kim Dare  The Mark of Cain by Cash Cole  Unchaste by Mia Watts



Handcuffs and Spreader Bars by Kim Dare  Possession by S.W. Vaughn  Taken By the Pack by Cheryl Dragon  Cameron's Pride by Kim Dare  Clandestine by Dakota Rebel



Handcuffs and Trouble by Kim Dare  Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child by Ann Mayle  Ellery's Duty by Kim Dare  Handcuffs and Headlocks by Kim Dare  Storming Hell's Gate by Carol Lynne



Handcuffs and Glory Holes by Kim Dare  Marrick's Promise by Kim Dare  Handcuffs and Leather by Kim Dare  Hell on Wheels by Carol Lynne



Freeze Frame by Mia Watts  Ice Water In Hell by Carol Lynne  Ryland's Sacrifice by Kim Dare  Hell Hath No Fury by Carol Lynne  Resolution by Carol Lynne



Wolf in Mens Clothing by Dakota Rebel  Open Sesame by Mia Watts  Evolution by Carol Lynne  She's Got Balls by Mia Watts  Mind F*cked by Mia Watts



Tropical Hedonism by Dakota Rebel  Saving Noah by Carol Lynne and Cash Cole  Extinction by Carol Lynne  Retribution by Carol Lynne  In For a Penny by Carol Lynne






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