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Leena's Men (Fated Mates of Mesta Series, Book Two) by Tessie Bradford  Changing Tides (New Reality Signature Line, Book Fourteen) by Simone Anderson  What Remains: Mutation (New Reality Series, Book Thirteen) by Kris Norris  Aquarius Dawning (Dark Horizon Series, Book Three) by Kris Norris  Haven (New Reality, Book Twelve) by Jessica Jarman

Hollow Men (New Reality Series, Book Eleven) by Sommer Marsden  New West (New Reality, Book Ten) by BA Tortuga  What Remains: Wasteland (New Reality, Book Nine) by Kris Norris  Refuge (New Reality, Book Eight) by Jessica Jarman  This Sin Called Hope (New Reality, Book Seven) by Anna Mayle



What Remains: Untainted (New Reality Series, Book Six) by Kris Norris    Finders Keepers (New Reality Series, Book Five) by Lacey Thorn  Andromeda Falling (Dark Horizon Series, Book Two) by Kris Norris  Freefall (New Reality Series) by Bella St. James



Direct Contact (New Reality Series, Book Two) by Ninette Swann  Orion Rising (Dark Horizon Series, Book One) by Kris Norris  Leaving Dreamland (7th Kind Series, Book Five) by Cheryl Dragon    Solar Storm (Bissari Confederation, Book Two) by Simone Anderson 



Believing in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon  Crystal's Three Chosen Mates by Suzanne Graham  Bella's Three Bodyguards by Suzanne Graham  Lost in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon  Trinity by Katie Blu



Anna and the Three Generals by Suzanne Graham  Opening the Cage by BA Tortuga  Back in Dreamland by Cheryl Dragon  Climbing the Ladder by BA Tortuga



Orgasmatron by Brynn Paulin  The Hunter's Surrender by Kaenar Langford  Worlds Apart by Kris Norris 





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