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Things that go Bump in the Night


Vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and zombies: This October, we’re looking for paranormal stories to make the skin crawl or show us monsters in another light.


         Submissions should be 15-30K.

         Heat level should be Garnet or Fire Opal

To reserve your spot, please submit proposals to , attention: Michele.

Have a Very Naughty Christmas!


As the days get colder, how about some scorching-hot sex? We’re looking for holiday stories (Christmas, Hanukah, or Thanksgiving) to make the season that much more merry and bright!


         Submissions should be 15-30K.

         Heat level should be Garnet or Fire Opal (see sensuality guidelines)


To reserve your spot, please submit proposals to , attention: Michele (Full stories should be submitted to your editor by October 1)


Romantic Rhymes


Resplendence Publishing’s 2014-2015 theme series will be Romantic Rhymes (Warning: Not fit for the Nursery!)


         Submissions should be 15-30K

         Books must be based on a classic nursery rhyme.

         Heat level should be Garnet or Fire Opal


To reserve your spot, please submit proposals to  , attention: Michele.

Need an idea of what we’re looking for?


    What if Humpty Dumpty was actually a recovering soldier who was seriously injured while guarding the residence of a “king” or president or ambassador? No one could “put him back together again” but maybe the heroine falls in love with the “broken” man anyway.

    What if Jill is hiking through the Black Hills, looking for a legendary spring known for its healing properties? When Jack falls trying to coax the trespassing Jill off his land, it’s up to Jill to find the spring and heal Jack from his fatal head wound?

    What if poor murophobic Doctor Hickory, a woman more dedicated to her job than to finding love, comes home late one night after a long shift at the hospital only to turn on the light and see a mouse run up into her grandmother’s antique clock? Panicked and refusing to go to bed with that cute little rodent on the loose, who can she call to help her at this time of night? …Maybe the new sexy neighbor who just moved in next door can help.


WICKED: Fairy Tales, Fables and Folklore for Adults


We are currently accepting modern romantic interpretations of our favorite fairy tales, fables, folklore, and legends.


All stories must be set in present time. Slight deviations from the original tale's story line are allowed as long as the story remains recognizable when compared to the original tale. Story details may also be changed/added or removed (i.e. – location, names, etc.)


Note: Story lines, details and plots should be changed as needed in order to keep with Resplendence Publishing's stance regarding traditional/cultural taboos such as rape, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, etc. Of course, there are certain exceptions for tales that feature shapeshifters, vampires, and other worldly creatures of that nature. Please contact us for further clarification if required.


Stories written within the Sapphire – Garnet – Fire Opal sensuality levels are encouraged. Visit our Submission Guidelines page for detailed information on our heat levels.


Stories may be any length, from short to plus-novel, as long as they fit within the guidelines listed above.  Best-selling shorts and novellas may be featured in a print anthology, while category and full-length novels will be considered for print as stand-alone or series titles. 


Please visit our website for formatting instructions.


Send a query letter in the body of an e-mail to: .


Be sure to include a brief summary of your story, any pertinent publishing credits, and all contact information in the letter. Please write "Submission for Wicked Line" in the subject line of your query.




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